Eliza Kate is just over 6 weeks old and has blessed us all with her first smiles. I love those first ones – when you talk and smile incessantly at the baby to be rewarded with a curling up of the mouth!
Adelaide has been waiting since Eliza’s arrival for that first meaningful interaction. Each day she says, “Hello Eliza,” and then patiently waits a response which is usually a yawn or unfocused glance. If Eliza cries she declares her “cranky”! However today she was rewarded with one of those smiles of recognition.
Andrew is following in the steps of his big sister and is a babysitter extraordinaire – being able to settle Eliza with movement.

Eliza, like most babies, sleeps a lot so when she is awake there is no shortage of fans to interact with! Even when their little faces are covered in mango & banana smoothie….

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