The muster is underway and the hard working troops are feeling the heat.

Branding & drafting is hot, thirsty work and as always Eliza & I  the esky with smoko and lunch is greeted with glee!
Eliza was not totally impressed that we had spent a morning baking Apricot Choc Chip Cake that was consumed in one sitting and she was still waiting for her next feed….
But after her needs were met (she really just needed her Mum to put the camera down for a while!), she loved the chance to cuddle Dad
however when she saw how many calves to brand,
it was all too much……..

With Tess out of action with a sore back and Lachlan on light duties following his broken arm, it was up to Andrew & Hamish to help Dad walk the fat cows home. 

Andrew is keen to start training his horse and his teacher, big sister Tess is quite proud.
but for Hamish (aged 4), who had ridden his horse unassisted for the first time, chasing (read following) cows for 7 kilometres was all too much!
It was only the promise of an afternoon swim that got him home

As you can see, Lachlan is having no lingering problems with his wrist following the removal of the plaster cast 2 days ago……

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  • On 9/01/2012 letters from the country said:

    Ainsley I love your pics! Smoko looks a lot like that at our place – the centre of attention being the esky! Andrew & Hamish’s horses look like gems!

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