Like all good conversations, I’ll start with a weather report.

Sometimes I hesitate to write about the weather because it is completely out of our control however it is such a huge influence on how we manage our landscape, make our business decisions and plan our days. Life on the land is certainly not immune to the vagaries of weather.

And when it’s hot, and I mean burning hot,  we yearn for the sweet relief of rain.


Signs of summer are everywhere, the agapanthus are putting on a show



and the poinciana trees have buds bursting with red and yellow.


I think the roses have finished showing off for now, and perhaps will reward us with more flowers in the autumn.


The pool has provided us with a few maintenance challenges this season, firstly a leak and then a faulty pump. Of course this has thrilled our resident maintenance expert (super Dad) and hasn’t worried the athletes one bit. We’ve enlisted some remote swimming instruction from the legendary Joy McClymont of Joys Fitness Hub fame. I send a little video of the child swimming their strokes to Joy and Joy emails me back a correctional video and an email full of things to work on.

Where there is a will there’s a way!


In more formal school lessons we can all smell the end of the year. Final send in tasks are complete. Last week we had a home visit from a couple of members of the Curriculum into the Classroom  (C2C) Team. It’s always good for the developers of our materials to see the material in action.


We head off to minischool this week … the kids are all excited to be interacting with their peers.

And for someone else to take the lead in learning.


I’m excited for the change of routine.


We are living and breathing cricket for a few more weeks and I am mastering the washing of cricket whites.

Saturday night is always filled with banter about catches and ducks, boundaries and maidens, overs and teamwork.


Andrew has had the opportunity to come home after his Saturday cricket game on a couple of week-ends. He relishes the opportunity to get some dirt beneath under his finger nails.


And we are always grateful for the extra set of hands.


As the saying goes, you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy!


I am just 10 days short of my adventure with the Girls Trekking guides.

We will be enjoying the view from the top of Australia (Mt Kosciuszko) and I’m led to believe it is still covered in snow.

This morning I completed my weekly endurance session, today doing 12km. Rob and the kids were quite bemused that I would walk to our other set of cattle yards in my active wear with a backpack on! Despite setting out shorty after 5.30am it was still steamy and hot, particularly at the end. One thing for certain, it will be a contrast of environments!


It will be different for sure, but I keep reminding myself,  here is no less beautiful.


Time to head outside and complete the chores. I do enjoy my milk in my coffee 😉


Would love to know what is happening under your big blue sky? Counting down to school holidays? Any garden tips?

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  • On 14/11/2016 Erin said:

    The Girls Trekking sounds like a great adventure 🙂 Is Tess going with you too?
    Always love catching up on your happenings.

    Well we’re having rather hot days broken by wild storms of a night here. Standard North Coast NSW weather this time of the year.

    Children found 15 baby chicks yesterday we had no idea about, so lots of excitement here.

    No gardening tips as I’m a bit of a black thumb, however I do want to start a veggie plot in a different area to the current one, but needs fencing first to keep out the roos.

    Keeping children to task on their lessons is always difficult this time of the year, energy is flagging as the end is in sight and the weather sapping. Changed tracks a little, more than one way to skin a cat, so they’re having a massive, competitive bookfest.

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