With the “best” Christmas yet behind us, and Tess home from her Northern adventure it was time to go back to doing what we love (some may call it work..)

January falls in our wet season, so with a week of fine weather forecast we are seizing the opportunity to muster a couple of mobs and brand.

As you can see, our team is youthful and eager.

This represents the chaos of sorting hats & boots every morning……
And somehow Dad is still able to smile!
With bike fuelled,
horses saddled,
and loaded on the truck,
the mustering team embarked on their first muster of the year. Got a lot to get done before the head stockman returns to Uni!

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  • On 4/01/2012 Fiona said:

    I can see as our kids grow, cattle-work will more and more become a school-holiday job only. Our big girls have gone holidaying with Nanny and Grandad, so we’ve had to rush through another paddock before they left us.

  • On 5/01/2012 Trudy said:

    This is a nice post Ainsley……am loving that Hamish with his hand on his hips and of course they are all growing up so fast including young Tess….

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