As 2016 bites the dust, I’ve gathered some of the most memorable moments for our little family.

Of course it is no surprise that most of the memories have been made doing the everyday, quite simple yet extraordinary things.

I’ve broken them down month by month because, well, just because I like a bit of order, I guess!


  1. Lots of planning, lots of dreaming and lots of setting goals. Was 2016 better than ever before? Yep!


2. Lots of Summer holiday feels. We spent a day on the Capricorn Coast mid month. Breakfast and a swim at Emu Park, Smoko and a paddle at the Causeway, lunch at Rosslyn Bay, an afternoon of beach cricket at Yeppoon, groceries and home again. Perfect!


3. New Year, a new batch of chickens. While most of our eggs are hatched in the incubator, it’s always nice when mother hen manages to hatch her own.




  1. Schools back in. Andrew has returned to boarding, and Eliza has started her kindy year.


2. Smoko remains a firm favourite meal of the day. Love that all my children have a great appreciation of good food and can all whip up something in the kitchen unaided. (Where still working on the washing up and will practice more in 2017!)



3. We’re primarily beef graziers, and that means lots of mustering. February is hot and humid meaning mustering is very thirsty work.

IMG_4703 (2)


  1. Rain in February meant green grass and running creeks in March. A grazier’s delight.


2. The pangola pasture loves the wet and cattle were moved regularly to help us build our grass bank.


3. Plenty of calves to brand … one of the favoured after school and weekend activities.



  1. School, school and more school.


2. The mulberry tree was laden with fruit after the wet. Muffins are always a hit.


3. A day out at the Marlborough Show. Love all that traditional country shows represent.


  1. Tess lives and works in Brisbane, but she loves nothing more than coming home for a week-end to ride horses, see her siblings and generally ‘get dirt under her fingernails’.


2. Her week-ends at home are some of my favourite highlights of the year.


3. Hamish mastered his push bike! He certainly wasn’t breaking any age records but that doesn’t matter. Perseverance and persistence are what counts.




  1. The kids had a lot of entrepreneurial spirit this year. Pumpkins, cow manure and bush lemons along with some mustering for agistment clients meant they were able to buy their first cows.


2. I don’t know of many kids who request a barking bar for their birthday! They all know how to use it too.


3. Rob is such a quiet achiever. I value his calmness, patience and leadership. Absolutely.



  1. The season turned. Just as protein levels in the grass began to drop an unseasonal 200mm fell. It was widespread and brought relief to many.


2. Winter rain is worth mentioning twice!


3. School sports in Rocky. The kids love the interaction with their CSDE mates.




  1. Our annual pilgrimage to Brisbane for the Ekka.


2. Some of the pumpkins the kids sold to fund a sample bag at the Ekka.


3. Some of us chose to spend our cash on Fairy Floss!



  1. Roses did not disappoint this year. I must admit, they have been a bit of work. Work that’s very rewarding.



2. Exercise is a little bit like the roses, a commitment of time that reaps results 🙂


3. That rain in July meant we had a bumper bush lemon crop.

IMG_5422 (1)


  1. School holidays came around again. Busy but happy days.
  2. IMG_0080

2. The best type of lunches.


3. And the best kind of Sundays.



  1. Whoosh! The school year came to a close.


2. Cricket season kicked off. Saturday’s spent well.


3. My personal victory. Climbing Mt Kosciusko with an inspiring bunch of women.


  1. Watermelon season. I hesitate to count how many this crew have eaten this summer …. I’d hazard a guess that it’s more than 50.


2. Rob and the kids have been busy in the shed creating. Beautiful.


3. To end the year, we spent Christmas on the Verandah. My favourite place in the world.


And that is a wrap of 2016.

Will 2017 be Better than Before and the best one yet? Of Course!

May your 2017 be the Happiest, Healthiest and most Prosperous yet x

There are 4 comments on this article:

  • On 1/01/2017 Sharon said:

    Beautiful..I love your photos and stories of everyday life with your family…Look forward to more!

  • On 2/01/2017 said:

    Thanks Sharon, so pleased that you enjoy our snippets x

  • On 1/01/2017 Alison Wilson said:

    Happy New Year Ainsley and Rob, always love reading your blog posts Ainsley, you have an amazing flare for capturing life’s simple yet very special moments of rural life, always so stylish, warm and colourful, look forward to staying in touch in 2017

  • On 2/01/2017 said:

    Happiest of New Year’s to you and your beautiful family too Alison. Look forward to seeing you all somewhere this year x

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