This morning started a little differently with Rob away very early to collect our recuperating head stockman from town. This meant the morning routine was a little different and I’m sure the milker was wondering why her schedule was interrupted as well. Not only did she have 3 poddies and a calf of her own to feed plus reserve 3 litres of milk for our household, today she waited ’til 9.00am for her breakfast…….

I was missing the coffee and yummy breakfast I had become accustomed to while I fed Eliza, I had no time for an early morning bike ride – thank goodness for mango smoothies!

Delegation is what got us through…
 Andrew baked a chocolate cake for smoko (Chocolate cake for a crowd to feed this family of growing boys and girls) 

Hamish washed the freshly collected eggs 

and Lachlan organised feed for the milker.
Meanwhile, as Dad was away, our little cowgirl had a yard full of cattle to work…..


After boots and hats were on, we had to inspect the rhino beetle


No wonder Trixie was licking her lips when we finally arrived to milk.

With school less than a fortnight away, I may need to fine-tune the morning routine for days when Super Dad is away…………

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  • On 12/01/2012 sharon said:

    it doesn’t take much to interupt the morning routine, and I only have three kids and no baby! thank you for introducing us to some of the gorgeous kids, I look forward to seeing the rest of them soon! (love the strong scottish names too!)

  • On 12/01/2012 Trudy said:

    You put SJP in “I don’t know how she does it!” to shame!

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