The days are zooming by (as I’m sure they are for most) and the summer holidays are coming to an end.
Time could be measured by how fast baby Eliza is growing – at 8 weeks she is smiling more each day and making those gorgeous baby sounds. Today she will have her first immunisations…
We’re making the most of the lazy Sundays in January though, with an invitation to share lunch at a dear friend’s place some 2 hours drive away. Being the primary organiser of family outings, I decided we should attend our small community church service beforehand. So with baby fed, four young children in their Sunday best and our eldest daughter standing a lot straighter than her back had allowed during the past fortnight, we climbed into the car. With four carseats distributed over two rows of seating, it literally is a climb for some! 
En Route, Rob handed out the small change for the kids to present to the offering plate and lectured them about how church is a ‘quiet place’… When your household makes up over half of the crowd gathering, it is a little tricky to go completely unnoticed!
In a similar fashion to the game ‘I see the sea first’ when you drive to the beach, we rounded the corner to the church with our eyes peeled only to have our Mr Bright Eyes (Lachlan) exclaim ‘It’s not on this Sunday, Mum! The gate is locked!’ Evidently I had my Sundays confused…
So with the kids dressed and shod, we ushered them straight to the verandah and had a quick smoko of Tess’s scrumptious home-baked biscuits before making an early start to our lunch engagement. 
When you are part of a ‘big family’, survival skills are frequently honed… Adelaide has her ‘back off, this one’s mine!’ look down pat.
With willing and able taste-testers always at her disposal, Tess enjoys the baking challenge of feeding the masses!
With his brothers away at a sleep-over, Andrew made the most of Tess’s mobility and they headed out on dark for a hit of ‘Drive-way Tennis’. 
Occasional skew-iff shots by both young and old highlighted just how far any potential tennis court would have to be from the house!
With the photo upload tonight revealing all about my progress learning how to work the new lenses, I have decided sporting shots are my ones to practice. With two strapping young subjects such as Tomic and Rodionova, the Mystery Park Open will be well documented in photographs!

There are 2 comments on this article:

  • On 16/01/2012 Fiona said:

    Oh Ainsley, that first shot of Eliza … be still my beating heart.

  • On 17/01/2012 sharon said:

    I’m still smiling to myself at it being the wrong sunday! glad you didn’t get to waste the family being dressed up and ready to go out though…

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