A little while ago I had virtually a brand new idea.

I’d met Tim Gentle from Think Digital mid 2016 at an ICPA conference and he had demonstrated (and immersed) me in the wider world of Virtual Reality. He showed me how I could travel around the world and experience new surroundings without leaving my home.

I have been sharing snippets of our #lifeontheland and the wonders of growing up the #lifeofacountrykid through photos and video for a little while but now

the possibility of immersing people in country life and sharing in our world more completely was virtually real.


 I made contact with Tim, and he jumped at the idea of sharing knowledge and training me on how to best implement the new technology and give our audience a 360 degree view of beef production, with nothing to hide!

 It’s fair to say the inner geek in me was suitably excited when I made a small investment in a Theta S 360′ camera.


Tim arrived at Mystery Park and the ideas began bubbling.

Of course, #lifeontheland doesn’t stop for anyone and we had to incorporate the video training into the daily routine.

Firstly, my Live exercise session with Joy from Off the Track Training.

 Then to milk the cow, with tripod and camera in hand.


Suddenly the options were endless!

Screenshot 2017-01-18 17.14.19 Screenshot 2017-01-28 15.29.56

Naturally enough, it engaged the kids. They worked the camera, recorded audio, modified drones and acted the part.




How wonderful for us to be able to share the ordinary happenings of our #lifeontheland.

Mustering, moving cattle, catching the horses, branding, drafting, weaning, doing the chores, joining the schoolroom ….

I really can’t wait to share more #fromtheverandah



 Note: For the ultimate experience, 360′ video and the world of virtual reality is best viewed through a VR headset.


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  • On 1/02/2017 Tim Gentle said:

    It was amazing to connect both “virtually and in person” Ainsley. Your inner geek was certainly in full flight as we continued to mine down the Virtual Reality (360 video/stills) theory and practice. Your “Thirst for knowledge” and “Inquisitiveness” is awesome. I know your audience will love the immersive experiences you’ll soon offer them. Many thanks to your family too, they were the real stars of the show! #hatsoff #fromtheverandah #thinkdigitalcoach

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